AATMALAYA has reached across to 3000 children belonging to lesser privileged backgrounds from over twelve corporation and government schools in and around Bangalore.


Dr Padmaja and team have trained children in several government schools and rural schools individually throuigh the institute and  with support from few other NGOs, State culture department and Ministry of Culture, New Delhi. Villages covered in Karnataka are Thindlu,  Arokhytanahalli, Somanahalli, Shivanahalli and other states where rural children have been taught dance include Bilaspur, Leh Ladakh and others.


Several students have completed Arangetram from this institute and are teaching themselves independently and under the institute.  Those who have done the academy proud with their solo/group performances and sincere support and keen assistance in projects are  Nandini, Aparna K, Aparna, Chandana, Minal, Sheela, Tharini, Sandhya, Krittika, Vaishali, Shreya, Janani, Vijayalaxmi, Rakshanya, Sudarshini, Ritu, Bhavya, Vidya,   Anitha [from Kalachaitanya project], Tanisha, Aarthi, Nithya, Vinita, Krishna, Charles, Indu and others.


AATMALAYA recognizes unsung heroes in preparing dance productions based on contribution of national leaders and their creative works.


AATMALAYA sings the glory of rural senior artists with economic distress with cash awards and citation in the names of CHAKYAR KOOTHU RAJAN, JUSTICE JAGANNATH SHETTY and other prominent persons.